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CBN Membership

Membership Process

The board will vote on new members at each board meeting, and new members will be announced at the next official meeting. New members are required to submit payment of the annual fee (or prorated amount, whichever is appropriate) to the treasurer within 30 days of becoming a member.

Membership Policies & Fees

  • Membership Policies

    Membership is by invitation only and is limited to one seat per industry. Seats are available on a first‐come, first‐serve basis, and the board reserves the right to make appropriate selections when two or more applications for the same seat are being considered at the same time. The board commits to making selections based on the overall good of the group, and will evaluate what each applicant brings to the group, and their level of commitment. Membership is granted to an individual, not a company. Members must limit their networking activities within Cabarrus Business Network to the defined seat, particularly where overlapping could occur. For example, an insurance agent may also provide financial services, so he/she would have to promote that service ONLY within the group. If a member promotes an overlapping service which is not defined in their particular seat, they will be approached by a board member with a friendly reminder. If the member continues to promote an overlapping service, their seat will become open.

  • Membership Fees

    There is a $25 non‐refundable application fee for prospective members. This is to be submitted with the application. Membership carries an annual fee of $125. This fee is assessed on a calendar year basis, and will be renewed each year. Invoices will be sent the first week of December of the year prior to the renewal year. These payments must be paid by the last business day of January of that year to avoid a $25 late fee. If the renewal fee and late fee are not received by the last business day of February, that seat will be open. Members who join throughout the year will be responsible for a prorated share of the fee. Proration is 25% per quarter.

  • Attendance

    Members are expected to attend regularly. The strength of the group is highly dependent upon membership faithfulness and participation on a consistent basis. When members are not present, they will miss out on potential leads and referrals, as well as deprive the rest of the membership of the same. While some absences are unavoidable (out of town, sickness, etc.), members are requested to treat meetings as a priority in their schedule. Should a member miss two meetings in a row, the Membership Committee Chair (or designated member of the Membership Committee) will contact them to validate their situation and determine ongoing interest. Should a member miss three meetings in a row, or three meetings in a single quarter, the seat will become open. Interested parties must go through the membership process to fill the vacant seat. Members who must miss a meeting may send a substitute in their place to avoid being counted as absent. Substitutes must represent the MEMBER business (not their own), and be prepared to promote the member’s business to the group. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the board.