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About Cabarrus Business Network

Our Mission

Cabarrus Business Network is a networking, referral and business growth and education group focusing on growing our respective businesses in Cabarrus County and the surrounding areas. Through an emphasis on education, developing skills for business growth, and mutual support, we build strong business relationships with each other in a professional, honest and ethical manner. Our members benefit through qualified referrals, networking and business skill development, an expanded business network, and opportunities to serve the community.

Our Purpose

We will provide an environment where business people have opportunities to be introduced to each other and to share in common goals and development efforts. We seek to build trust and confidence in each other as business people, so that we can recommend members’ products and services to our respective network of clients, prospects, and partners. Our measurement of success will be based on how our members’ respective businesses grow due to their involvement with the Cabarrus Business Network.


We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month from 7:45 – 9:15 am, at the Cabarrus Country Club, located at 3247 Weddington Road in Concord.


The board consists of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Committee Chair, Communication Committee Chair, Education Coordinator and Community Involvement Committee Chair. The board positions of President and Vice President each serve a one-year term. The Vice President is elected each year and succeeds the President after serving as Vice President for one year. All other board positions are based on a two-year, overlapping term, with three positions up for election in one year, and the remaining three in the next.

The board meets the 4th Wednesday of every month, from 7:45 – 9:15.

Following are job descriptions for each board position:


  • Leadership responsibilities for the board and the group as a whole
  • Responsible for defining strategy and driving direction
  • Leadership of board meetings
  • Chair of the Steering Committee

Vice President

  • Leadership responsibilities for the group in the absence of the President
  • Responsibility of explaining and passing the business card box
  • Set up and cleanup of materials such as name tags, sign-in sheet and resource library


  • Responsibility of all funds collected and dispersed by CBN
  • Responsibility of all bank accounts created by CBN
  • Collection of fees and dues from membership
  • Provide financial report to board and to membership on a monthly basis
  • Ownership of legal & tax structure, and requirements for compliance
  • Chair of the Finance Committee

Communication Committee Chair

  • Ownership of one‐on‐one meetings, referrals and results tracking
  • Provide monthly reports to the board and to the membership
  • Ownership of all communication efforts related to CBN:
    • Website design and functionality – work with board committees regarding their requirements for the site
    • Ensuring that the website content is current
    • The development and production of marketing material, collateral, promotional items
  • Chair of the Communication Committee

Membership Committee Chair

  • Ownership of recruiting efforts
  • Ownership of guest and membership policies
  • Ownership of application process, qualification of candidates, reference checking, membership roster, attendance tracking
  • Notification to applicants following board votes
  • Reporting to the board regarding applications received, reference checks, recommendations for membership
  • Chair of the Membership Committee

Education Coordinator

  • Overall responsibility for coordinating educational opportunities for the membership. This includes:
    • Ensuring a quality educational component and presenter for each meeting
    • The selection and collection/purchase of reference material.
    • Ownership of process for how material is accessed.
    • Ensuring tools, worksheets, etc. are available via the website
  • Ownership of scheduling speakers for special events, such as 5th Wednesday
  • Responsibility for any multi‐media equipment owned by CBN
  • Chair of the Education Committee

Community Involvement Committee Chair

  • Overall responsibility for selecting and recommending opportunities for CBN to consider
  • Organizing how CBN members are to participate, and communicating this to the membership
  • Chair of the Community Involvement Committee
  • Report monthly to the board and membership

Code of Conduct

  • As business people, it is paramount that we conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty in our business dealings. We wish to lead by example, and to treat each other and our respective clients and customers in the way we would wish to be treated.
  • Business between members, where appropriate, is encouraged. However, simply prospecting the group with sales pitches is discouraged. This tactic is short sighted, distracting to the goals of the group, and not welcome. It misses the real benefit of participating in a networking group.
  • When members conduct business with each other, it is expected that they do so in a fashion that keeps the reputation of the Cabarrus Business Network untarnished. Ethical behavior is expected, and the board is committed to a high level of expectation in this area.
  • We seek to create an environment that is professional, honest, and ethical in all our dealings. As members, our dealings with each other, with our customers, vendors, and partners should reflect these goals.
  • Issues between members should be addressed by and between the members themselves, in a professional way, with a commitment to preserve the reputation of the Cabarrus Business Network in the community.
  • Concerns may be raised for the board’s consideration, but the board will seek to review any issues in light of the overall good of the network, not individual members. Where the reputation of the Cabarrus Business Network is at risk, the board reserves the right to take appropriate action, which can include active involvement in resolution of the issue (when and where the issue can affect the reputation of the group), up to and including removal of membership.

Download the Cabarrus Business Network Bylaws

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